BETTER CALL SAUL’s 53 Emmy Losses Sets Record for Most Ever

The 2024 Primetime Emmy Awards felt less like a competition and more like a coronation. Three shows—Succession, The Bear, and Beefdominated the evening by winning almost every category they could. But it was a different TV series that set a record during the ceremony. Only, it’s a record it wish it didn’t own. Better Call Saul now holds the title for most Emmy losses ever with 53.

Jimmy McGill at his brother's funeral

Over its five seasons Breaking Bad earned 58 Emmy Award nominations. Few expected its spinoff series, Better Call Saul, to come close to matching that number. But that’s because few imagined a prequel about Walter White’s slimy, amoral lawyer would also take its place among television’s best. That’s exactly what the Bob Odenkirk led series did, though. His Jimmy McGill proved to be as compelling as any meth dealer, as Better Call Saul garnered 53 Emmy nominations over six seasons. That include six nominations for Best Actor in a Drama series for its star.

Despite all that recognition over the years, the 75th Emmy Awards was the show’s final chance to actually hear its title read from an envelope. It was up in four categories total. Sadly for fans, cast, and crew, Succession won almost every drama category; Better Call Saul was denied again. As a result the AMC series set the mark for most losses ever in Emmy history.

Rhea Seehorn's Kim Wexler does finger guns and points at Jimmy on Better Call Saul

While it seems almost impossible the show never won for any award, especially when Rhea Seehorn was also incredible every season, those 53 losses also tell an accurate story about Better Call Saul. It was unquestionably one of television’s best shows while it aired. ( And arguably the greatest spinoff ever.) Yet, it was often overlooked by those who never believed in it. Could a show about the unsavory attorney from Breaking Bad really be any good?

No, actually. It wasn’t good. It was great. You can’t set the record for most Emmy losses ever if you’re not.

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