The Best Things on Hulu Streaming This Month

Welcome to our new look The Best Things on Streaming This Month column where we’ll run down the best of what’s hitting your fave streaming channel! This month, Hulu is offering up some critically acclaimed indie flicks, camp classics, and for those who aren’t ready for the spooky season to be over some really good horror choices.

Booksmart still

United Artists Releasing

One of the funniest films of the year Olivia Wilde’s debut feature Booksmart is a total joy. If you’ve yet to enjoy it check out this excerpt from our very own Lindsey Romain’s wicked review to find out what all the fuss is about. “Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever star as Molly and Amy, high school best friends and overachievers hellbent on excelling in the powerful feminist careers they spent their youth conceiving. This mentality has given them a superiority complex at their Los Angeles high school, where they’re better friends with their principal (Jason Sudeikis) and English teacher (Jessica Williams) than they are with their peers. This is all cool and fine by them, until a confrontation with a trio of popular kids sends a shock to Molly’s system: Most of her grade also got into the same Ivy League schools as Amy did, and they did it without rigorous devotion.”

Freddy Vs Jason
The titans of terror clash in Freddy vs. Jason

New Line Cinema

It was a matchup decades in the making and when it eventually happened it was just as silly and scary as expected. Freddy vs. Jason may not be particularly terrifying by today’s standards but there is still nothing like watching the two slasher icons try to take each other down after Freddy resurrects Jason to once again torment the teens of Elm St. Ronnie Yu’s rad romp features a peak ’00s cast including pop icon Kelly Rowland this is a not to be missed entry into the wild world of horror crossovers. This is what a pre-MCU shared universe looked like kids… ready yourselves.

Interview with the Vampire
Interview with the vampire

There’s nothing quite like watching Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise fall in love and then bitch at each other eternally. Luckily, Interview With The Vampire is about exactly that and it’s coming to Hulu in November just in time for its 25th anniversary. If you haven’t seen the very camp classic then it’s about time you fall in love with Louis and Lestat as they deal with being vampire boyfriends in this period horror masterpiece based on Anne Rice’s beloved books.

The Nightingale
The nightingale

Jennifer Kent made waves with her haunting meditation on depression, parenthood, and family, The Babadook. But her newest feature The Nightingale has been one of the most controversial of the year for its brutal and realistic representation of rape, colonialism, and the horrors of racism. In our opinion, it’s a must-watch but make sure you go in prepared as it is nothing short of an experience.

NOS4A2: Season 1
n0s4a2 still


Joe Hill’s best selling Christmas horror tale is a vampire story like no other and Hulu is adding it to their proverbial shelf just in time to creep you out for the Holiday season. Centering on a young woman who has the uncanny ability to find lost things who accidentally stumbles on the devilish soul stealer Charlie Manx and immortal child catcher who keeps his undead charges in his so-called Christmasland. It’s a creepy and binge-able first season that you’ll probably fall immediately in love with.

Also available streaming

A Fairly Odd Christmas (11/1)
A Simple Plan (11/1)
Anna and the Apocalypse (11/13)
Big Top Pee-Wee (11/1)
Creed II (11/15)
Dinner for Schmucks (11/1)
Double Jeopardy (11/1)
Fantastic Four (11/1)
Fatal Attraction (11/1)
Flashdance (11/1)
Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (11/1)
Home for the Holidays (11/1)
I Heart Huckabees (11/1)
Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (11/24)
Love & Mercy (11/25)
Magic Mike (11/1)
Mike Wallace is Here (11/28)
Overlord (11/1)
Spy Next Door (11/1)
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (11/1)
Terminator Salvation (11/1)
Texas Chainsaw 3D (11/7)
The Pink Panther 2 (11/1)
The Ring (11/1)
The Tomorrow Man (11/18)
The Two Jakes (11/1)
Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (11/1)
Veronica Mars (11/14)