The Best Jackets in STAR WARS

Star Wars is a stylish galaxy, there’s no question about that. And in honor of the Disney+ Cassian Andor series, we thought we’d run down our list of the best jackets in Star Wars. A quick note: this list does not include capes, but it does include vests, which were deemed by the editorial team “sleeveless jackets.” Another disclaimer: Han Solo appears on this list a lot. 

1. Han Solo’s Hoth winter jacket

Look at this majestic and glorious behemoth. To quote Dodgeball, it’s “feathered and lethal.” This jacket is both stylish and practical. It’s nearly as warm as the inside of a Taun-Taun. And it moves so well with Han, whether he’s gesturing indignantly or saving his best friend. This is the best jacket in Star Wars

2. Cassian Andor’s puffy jacket

You might think it’s strange to lead off with two puffy coats, but they are both magnificent and deserve all the hype and recognition in the world. This is my favorite of Cassian’s jackets. The details on the sleeves, the bright blue color, and the puffy hood all complement each other and are wonderful for framing Diego Luna’s face. This is also a very good jacket. 

3. Finn/Poe’s brown jacket

The best jackets are the ones shared by best friends and Rebel soldiers. Poe and Finn’s classic leather number is versatile, iconic, and after two movies and a lightsaber stabbing, it’s still in pretty good shape. Built to last, like Poe and Finn’s friendship. 

4. Han Solo’s blue Empire Strikes Back jacket

Empire Strikes Back is Peak Han Solo, in fashion, swagger, and sexiness. Exhibit A? This fine, fine navy jacket.  Thank you for coming to my TED talk. 

5. Han Solo’s furry coat from Solo

I think I gasped the first time I saw this jacket, that’s how good it is. I just want to run my fingers through it. It also looks so warm. This jacket is full of personality, heat, and swag. I’m so into it. 

6. Luke’s yellow A New Hope jacket

Luke doesn’t wear a ton of jackets, since he’s more of a jumpsuit/Jedi robes kind of guy. But this yellow number makes him stand out like the true hero he is. Also, I am still bothered by the fact that Chewie didn’t get a medal in this ceremony. (Or wear a jacket!) 

7. Leia’s Hoth vest/jacket combo

Leia knows how to get down to business, and this vest/jacket combo is doing a GREAT job of keeping her warm and looking like she’s in charge (which she is) on Hoth. I really like the padding around the hood of the vest. Unsurprisingly, Leia knows you don’t have to sacrifice style for insulation. 

8. Cassian’s brown jacket

This jacket definitely makes Cassian look the most dashing and rebellious. I hope we see more of it (and more jackets in general) in his Disney+ show! However, it is a bit of a retread of jackets we’ve seen before, worn by Han, various rebels, and even Finn and Poe in the sequel films. 

9. Poe’s The Last Jedi jacket

Poe’s jacket from The Last Jedi is evocative of Han’s from Empire. It’s perfect for committing mutiny and war crimes, and then still becoming a Resistance hero. Oscar Isaac looks good in this color, and should wear this jacket again in Episode 9. 

10. Rey’s vest at the end of The Force Awakens and the Ahch-To scenes in The Last Jedi

Rey’s vest rules. I love the texture and the strong shoulders, the length is really cute, and the homage to Han is touching. The vest also shows off her personality: protective, bold, and practical. 

11. Han’s A New Hope vest

One of the most iconic looks in Star Wars deserves a mention here, and it’s not low on this list for any reason besides its ubiquity and sort of basic-ness. 

12. Star Wars Rebels’ Ezra’s vest

Ezra’s vest is pretty cool, especially because it almost looks like a short sleeved jacket! What sorcery is this? 

13. Han Solo’s brown vest from Solo 

Solo showed us Han Solo has always had good taste in outerwear, starting with this brown jacket. Making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs never looked so stylish! 

14. Han’s new jacket from The Force Awakens 

Han’s new jacket was worth more than a good joke. It’s nice to see he’s upgraded to a type of leather material, and it’s mature, like Han is in The Force Awakens

15. Kaz’s jacket from Star Wars Resistance

I love green, and I love how bright and fun this jacket it. You can save the galaxy AND look stylish while expressing yourself. I’m a big fan of Kaz’s jacket (and hair, to be honest). 

16. Padme’s long jacket from Attack of the Clones

This is definitely the most formal jacket in Star Wars canon, and it’s the most ornate. I’m always looking for ways to shout out Padme, so I had to include some jacket of hers on this list. But what do you think? What’s the best jacket in Star Wars? Are you excited for Cassian Andor’s show? Let us know in the comments below! 

Images: Lucasfilm

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