This Chart Celebrates the Most Iconic Sitcom Sofas

What is the key to a making a truly great sitcom? Is it relatable characters who audiences can connect with personally? What about a funny premise that makes for an interesting show to revisit every week? Are compelling stories they key to drawing us in? Or could it be something far more timeless, something that transcends viewers’ changing tastes and sensibilities. Something like… a sofa. Before you insert a laugh track in response, most of our favorite comedies through the years have been centered around a couch, and this compendium of famous television sofas shows they come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. HomeAdvisor put together a guide (which you can see a larger version of in our gallery below, or by clicking the above image) of the best-known sofas in sitcom history, from Frasier to How I Met Your Mother to New Girl, as well as some of our favorite animated series like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Rick and Morty.

The Simpsons Sofa

Despite frequently being the centerpiece of memorable conversations and moments from our favorite shows, we’d be lying if we said we would be able to identify all of these couches on their own, even for shows we’ve seen every episode of.Because while we would immediately recognize this couch as being from Central Perk on Friends…we wouldn’t know this was Monica’s.Fortunately some of them feature a nice clue to help us, like Seinfeld‘s Poppie-stained couch.We remember everything about that episode. Is that because we love those characters, or because it was a funny episode of a great show? Probably, but the couch was a big part of it.What’s the best couch in TV history? Tell us why in the comments below.

Images: NBC, HomeAdvisor

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