10 Pop Culture Inspired ‘Ugly’ Sweaters You Need In Your Closet

There are ugly holiday sweaters, and then there are “ugly” holiday sweaters. This curated collection of pop culture inspired designs definitely falls into the latter category. Some of these are intricately knitted, some are screen printed cotton sweatshirts, but all of these repeating pattern designs featuring your favorite movies, TV series, games, and Broadway shows are like fandom love letters you can wear.And best of all, when you need a conversation starter for that awkward family gathering or office party this winter, you can break the ice without having to say a word once they notice your dazzling ensemble.Here are some of our picks for holiday sweaters that we think are definitely more awesome than ugly.

Dungeons & Dragons

You won’t be passing any stealth checks with this officially licensed sweater from ThinkGeek; the entire world will know you’re a Dungeons & Dragons fan when you roll in wearing this! The incredible knitted design features the classic ampersand logo, along with a repeating pattern of d20s, axes, staves, and polearms. You’ll be the hero of the holidays if you give this sweater to your favorite D&D aficionado.The Dungeons & Dragons sweater is now available at ThinkGeek at a price of $49.99.

The Legend of Zelda

The bright pixelated pattern on this knitted The Legend of Zelda sweater is a holiday adventure. The classic Link and Master Sword, along with Triforce pieces and some of the other items that helped him in his first outing, are combined with pixel snowflakes for the perfect wintry mix of old and new.This NES-inspired sweater is also available at ThinkGeek for $34.99.

Rainbow Brite

Speaking of nostalgia, it doesn’t get any better than this colorful Rainbow Brite sweater from Fun.com. The bold primary colors might be a little too vivid for some, but if you’re not afraid of a little attention, this ’80s-inspired sweater can be worn any time your day could use a little brightening.It’s just $49.99 to add some color to your closet with this unique sweater.

The Dark Crystal

Fun.com also has darker “ugly” sweaters that are just as eye-catching. Kids from the ’80s or anyone who wants to add a little creepy to their Christmas can find sweater designs inspired by Jim Henson’s visionary The Dark Crystal. This knitted acrylic sweater features the film’s baddies on the front and unusual Gelflings on the back.This and one other The Dark Crystal sweater design are available at $49.99 at Fun.com.


Add some real  magic to your wardrobe with a Labyrinth inspired knitted sweater. With a repeating design honoring David Bowie’s unmistakable gorgeous gaze, the monsters and magic of this ugly sweater are guaranteed to catch the eye of any fan of the unforgettable fantasy film.This  La byrinth sweater is $49.99 at Fun.com.

Doctor Who

You can be the Doctor Who Christmas special while wearing this bright blue sweater. The officially licensed knitted sweater has a Cyberman front and center, but it’s the repeating TARDIS pattern that’s the true star of this design. The knitted sweater, or jumper if you prefer, is a more villainous take on the holidays.You’ll find this Doctor Who ugly sweater on Amazon for $44.99.


If you’re the type who likes your ugly sweater as sweet as holiday treats, you’ll adore this WALL-E knitted sweater featuring the titular hero and EVA. No one will call this sweater ugly! The pair look like they’re dancing through space in the black and white, green, and yellow design, hanging lights and sharing holiday cheer.This simply adorable Pixar-inspired sweater is available exclusively at BoxLunch for $59.90.

The Lord of the Rings

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, your elf eyes will see this Fellowship of the Ring inspired design as a must-have. The knitted acrylic sweater is a Tolkien treasure trove. Featuring the One Ring’s inscription, the Eye of Sauron, and the Fellowship themselves, you’ll wish you could wear this precious sweater year-round.BoxLunch offers this green, yellow, and grey sweater exclusively at a price of $59.90.


Don’t throw away your shot at picking up this fantastic Hamilton sweater from Elhoffer Design. The  intricate and completely knitted acrylic “The Duel” sweater has extra long sleeves with thumb holes to make the holidays extra cozy. (The burning letters are our favorite detail in the pattern.) You’ll also find a King George inspired design by Elhoffer that you won’t find anywhere else.This one-of-a-kind, history-inspired sweater is available for $90.00.

Stranger Things

Target fully embraces the ugly sweater with unique designs adorning affordable sweaters and sweatshirts. This Stranger Things sweater for men even includes flippable sequins, with one side in our world and the other in the Upside Down. You’ll also find sweaters inspired by Elf,  Star Wars, and even a holiday sweater dress on Target shelves.This Stranger Things ugly sweater is available at Target for $29.99.Would you wear any of these when it’s not the holidays? Tell us which one in the comments.

Images: ThinkGeek, Fun.com, BBC America, BoxLunch, Elhoffer Design, and Target

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