Best Pinball Machines for Beginners

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Although you may not realize it, every pinball machine is different. Like video games, pinball machines each have a story and strategy for achieving the highest score. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a few machines to help you begin your journey to pinball wizard status.

White Water

The best thing about White Water is the easy ability for skill shots, which increase your score greatly. Get a few whirlpools and you have millions upon millions of points. The games with higher point values always makes a beginner feel good.

Medieval Madness

Probably my favorite pinball machine of all time, Medieval Madness has a simple way to earn massive points: hit the drawbridge. While many games have more complex stories and skills needed to score, Medieval Madness makes it simple to get that rush of points.


The best thing that helps beginners with mechanical games is they’re very slow. After you play electronic pinball machines, these seem to run at a snails pace. Increase your accuracy with the flippers on Doozie then graduate to the faster games.

Jungle Queen

Another mechanical game worth checking out is Jungle Queen. While not quite as straight forward as Doozie, you’ll still get a smooth, slow-paced game to help you get better at the pinball basics.

The Addams Family

As you might expect, this is a dark game. But really, it’s super dark and difficult to tell where the ball is at but the familiarity with the family may help a beginner feel at home with this machine.

The Shadow

The Shadow is a 007 game made for beginners. It’s easy to score points and just plain fun. Knowing the story and strategy will help you for sure but I’ve seen newbies jump on the game and do well their first try.


The fun of the AC/DC machine is the music. Also, another pretty recognizable theme game and depending on which song you pick, the whole tone of the game changes.

What are some of your favorite pinball machines? Tell us in the comments!


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