The “Don’t Say It” Meme Is the Most Relatable Cringe Content

It’s been a great year for memes, from Ariana Grande’s “ Thank U, Next” to the “ U Want This” bunny to our beloved  Gritty. 2018 may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with shareable content, and November gave us another entry into the yearly meme canon: “Don’t Say It.”The meme imagines a hypothetical scenario where the person tweeting knows they shouldn’t say something awkward but totally says it anyway. We’ve all been there, which makes this tweet trend extra relatable.

The “Don’t Say It” meme can be the perfect vessel to vent pop culture frustrations:

Or to really just get nerdy in general:


Or to combine multiple memes at once:


Even the official accounts are getting in on it.

Do you relate to the “Don’t Say It” meme as much as we do? Let us know below!

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