Our Favorite Cosplay from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

No matter how many times you attend Comic-Con, you’ll always be amazed by just how many people you spot  cosplaying during any given fest.

Whether you’re on the floor, outside the convention center, or walking around San Diego, everywhere you turn you’re bound to come across amazing costumes paying homage to characters from all kinds of media. You could spend all four days of the event solely seeking out the greatest get-ups and still only see a fraction of them. But just because we couldn’t see every costume doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the best of what we did spot. So here are just a few—from the complex to the simple, from the obvious to the obscure, from the hilarious to the strangely touching—of the best pieces of cosplay from San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

Some “mega” cosplay here.

Comic-Con was definitely a “good place” this year.

Do you like Ursula? Then this year’s SDCC was probably the best one ever.



Daaaahling, these are incredible.

Hey, we know that guy… right?

It must be frustrating for every human cosplayer to know they will never be such a Good Iron Boy or Spider-Dog.

Oh, look at that, cosplay that makes us cry. Cool cool cool.

“Mr. Stark, I’m sorry, but this is one of the best cosplays we have ever seen. ”

Oh my god.

This one definitely shouldn’t work, right? And yet it works. It totally works.

Pennywise cosplay is never foolish.


We loved this cosplayable.

Here are some marvelous cosplayers.

Keep this guy away from the Night King cosplayer.


Remember, if you take your cosplay out of the box it loses value.

Are we….are we sure this isn’t the actual Junk Lady?

But of all the great costumes, only one had the power to make it so the convention floor wasn’t so overcrowded.

Nope, not that one. This one.

Hopefully he didn’t dust this certain cosplayer out of the galaxy far, far away.

Yet somehow that wasn’t Mark Hamill’s best costume of the weekend.

How could anyone possibly top that? Hold on, Ive just been handed breaking news—apparently, another celebrity did top that.

Good luck, San Diego Comic-Con 2019, because you’re going to need the actual Superman to show up to best this year’s supply of cosplay.

What was the best costume you saw this year? Dress up our comments section below with your favorite.

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