Best Cat Owner Ever Builds His Cats an Epic Cardboard Box Maze

August 8 was the world’s most important holiday, International Cat Day. It’s a meaningful holiday that demands respectful observance, and cat owner Chris Poole decided he needed to kick his celebrating up a notch. Poole lives in a home with two cats named  Cole and Marmalade. To help his feline friends enjoy their special day, he presented them with the perfect gift: a maze made out of 50 cardboard boxes (and a few hidden snacks scattered about the maze as well).

The video is nothing short of delightful. So ignore the news and forget about anything stressing you out today, and just watch the pure, unfiltered joy of cats playing in boxes.

This is basically the best thing in cat-related content since the discovery of cat island and the advent of cosplaying cats. Clearly, Cole and Marmalade loved their maze, and though it’s unclear how long they actually spent exploring the maze they do a very good job of navigating the cardboard labyrinth. And apparently, the maze seems like fun for man and beast alike. There were even a few comments on the video of people wishing they were able to play in a human-sized version of the maze. Which honestly, if it also had cats to play with and some snacks hidden throughout, I’d be game.

If you need more videos like this, you can check out the rest of Poole’s YouTube channel, aptly named Cole and Marmalade. Poole has loads of videos of his cats playing, exploring his house, as well as some how-to videos about life with cats, and videos encouraging people to adopt and care for abandoned cats. Basically, it’s internet gold.

Have you ever made something this elaborate for your pet? How did they like it? Tell us about it in the comments!

Feature Image: Cole and Marmalade/ YouTube

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