Bring Beskar Into Your Kitchen with This MANDALORIAN Collection from Hedley & Bennett

The galaxy far, far away is coming to your kitchen courtesy of Hedley & Bennett. The company specializes in bringing chef-grade cookware and apparel to home kitchens. And now the brand has launched a Star Wars collection inspired by The Mandalorian. While Hedley & Bennett already sold a handful of character aprons, it’s expanding the line and making more styles available for adults as well as kids. In addition to character aprons, this new Star Wars kitchen collection includes towels and, our personal favorite, beskar knives.

Three steel (beskar) knives on a background of sand in Hedley & Bennett's Star Wars collection
Hedley & Bennett

Imagine the meals Din Djarin could prepare for Grogu with these knives! They’d cut through Grogu’s favorite frog snacks with ease. It’s true that beskar doesn’t exist in our galaxy, and even in the Star Wars galaxy, it’s mostly only Mandalorians who have the metal. But Hedley & Bennett found a workaround. The beskar knife set features 67-layered folded Damascus steel blades patterned like the Star Wars metal. One side of the knives features an Imperial symbol. That makes us suspect stolen beskar is in play. The set of three knives is limited to 3,000 sets and costs $295. It comes with a chef’s knife, a bread knife, and a utility knife.

As for other items in Hedley & Bennett’s Star Wars line-up, you’ll find durable kitchen towels with two different patterns: beskar or hyperspace. The new Star Wars character aprons, made from cotton canvas, feature the titular Mandalorian, Ahsoka Tano, Grogu, and a galactic fleet pattern. Each design has little details from character costumes or the characters themselves—like little Grogu peeking above an apron pocket! Take a look at all the aprons and towels in the gallery below.

If you have a Star Wars fan in your life who likes to cook or bake, you might just be covered for the holidays is all we’re saying. Visit Hedley & Bennett to shop the Star Wars kitchen collection.

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