Bernie Sanders’ Most-Watched Movies Are Super On-Brand

Sometimes, we’re all just big giant cliches of ourselves. I know I’m personally guilty of that. But celebrities are not free of being “on brand” all the time either. Even politicians. Case in point: Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. According to a recent profile in The New York Times (via Vice), when it comes time for the Senator from Vermont to unwind, Sanders watches two particular movies over and over again on his iPad. And they are two movies that are spectacularly on brand for him.

The first is Martin Scorsese’s 2013 biopic The Wolf of Wall Street. The Leonardo Dicaprio-starring film is the true story of former stockbroker and convicted criminal Jordan Belfort, who is the poster child for the kind of excess of greed that Sanders virulently campaigns against. We all know that part and parcel of the Sanders campaign is a vow to end the corruption of Wall Street, and there is no other film in recent memory that exemplifies that kind of unbridled greed than this one.  He must get a special thrill out of watching Belfort’s world come apart and see him get his just desserts (sort of). Maybe it even inspired him to plan the same thing for all the Belforts still out there in real life.

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And as for Sanders’ other favorite “comfort food” movie? It’s actually Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia, his dystopian Kirsten Dunst drama that ends with the total destruction of the Earth. Now, this one is kind of troubling. Not because Melancholia is a bad movie or anything, but because when part of your platform is to fight against the catastrophic potential end to our planet… you might want to watch something that exhibits the opposite outcome. If you want to inspire people that there is a future for us, where all races and genders work together for a bright utopia free from climate change and destruction, maybe it’s time to binge watch some classic Star Trek episodes instead.

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Of course, Bernie Sanders also has another favorite viewing pastime, which is watching old boxing matches on repeat. But really, that’s just classic old man stuff. I bet you have a grandpa that does the same thing. Although it does bring to mind a scene in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks revival, where the character of Sarah Palmer watches old boxing matches on a loop in her living room. Turns out, she was possessed by otherworldly forces from the Black Lodge. No comment here whatsoever from the Peanut Gallery.

Now, we have no idea what Joe Biden’s “security blanket” movies are, if he has any that is. If we were to venture a guess, it’s probably something starring Jimmy Stewart. Or maybe something like Rocky or Braveheart. Whatever the ultimate “dad movies” are, those are probably his favorites. But who knows, maybe Biden will surprise us with his choices. Maybe his favorite movie to watch over and over is Mamma Mia or something.

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