Benedict Cumberbatch Just Became an Actual Crime-Fighter

We expect him to fight the villains on TV and in the movies with a sociopathically supernatural sleuthing ability, or some supremely (Stephen) Strange magic. But it turns out that all Benedict Cumberbatch needs to fight crime in the mean old metropolis of London is his two hands and authoritative voice.

According to Reuters, Cumberbatch was riding in an Uber when he noticed a grocery delivery cyclist being attacked by four muggers. Undaunted by the numerical odds, and perhaps coasting on more than a little Marvel adrenaline, the actor utilized his great power in the service of great responsibility, pulling the men off their victim, and intoning, in his best, most imperative tones…

“Leave him alone!”

Okay, that’s not the sort of catchphrase anybody says in the movies. But it worked! The villains are still at large, but they made away with nothing, and the victim was not seriously hurt. And now there are four scared scalawags roaming the streets, telling tales of the day their consumable purloining schemes were thwarted by the master of the mystic arts.

Cumberbatch denies that he’s a hero, which is exactly the sort of thing you can do when a massive fanbase, two major movies, and a TV show say otherwise.  But if he doesn’t feel it, he’ll just have to console himself with the facts that he’s fabulously handsome and talented.

Which Marvel actor would you want to be rescued by in real life? Let us know in comments, and bonus points if you remember Scott Adkins was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Oops, now you all do. But you feel better knowing it, right?

Images: Marvel Studios

Keep it Strange…

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