Ben Affleck Stole Batarangs from the JUSTICE LEAGUE Set and Paid the Price

There have been a lot of rumors that Ben Affleck‘s time as Batman is rapidly drawing to a close, even from Affleck himself. Only Affleck can say why he wants to step away from the role after Justice League, and possibly The Batman solo movie. But it’s important to note that Affleck enjoyed playing one of the all-time great superheroes on the big screen. However, his attempt to take a memento from the Justice League set backfired on him.Via io9, Affleck appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and shared the story about stealing a few Batarangs during the Justice League shoot. According to Affleck, the Batmobile was too well guarded to take as a souvenir, and we believe him. Warner Bros. not only had a close watch on Batman’s larger toys, the studio also noticed when the Batarangs went missing. “You can’t exactly have been stealing it if you got billed for it, which is what happened to me at the end of this story,” explained Affleck, “Turns out Batarangs aren’t cheap.”

Affleck also told Colbert that his two daughters are completely over him as a superhero, but his five-year old son was still excited that he got to play Batman. Affleck shared his sense of dismay when his son revealed that he would much rather be the Flash for Halloween. Afterwards, Affleck joked he had wasted years of his life.What did you think about Affleck’s failed Batarang heist? Light the Bat-signal in the comment section below!

Image: Warner Bros.

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