BEL-AIR Drops a Dramatic Trailer and Release Date

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fans are very curious about Peacock‘s Bel-Air. The reboot series reimagines the classic “fish out of water” story about a Philly kid coming of age in a rich Cali environment. The original show with Will Smith is one of the best sitcoms of all time (because I said so, that’s why). So there’s no surprise that the show is getting an updated version. Until now, we only had a fresh-faced cast, including our new Will, Jabari Banks, and an esoteric teaser. Finally, there is a full trailer and release date for Bel-Air

First, let’s get into this trailer. Will Smith is still West Philadelphia, born and raised. But he did not end up in Bel-Air after one little harmless fight on the basketball court. No, this Will’s tussle was quite serious with the police getting involved and a gun in Will’s hand. His scuffle leads to him getting up locked up by the end of the night. Oh, and there’s a least one dude who really wants to kill him. The Bel-Air trailer gives us a glimpse into his arrival at the Banks residence. The classic Nas song “Made You Look” (a great choice) plays as Will makes his adjustment to a rich, bougie life. Unlike the original series, Hillary seems to actually care about him being there, helping him find a new look.

Ashley is still hype to see her cousin while Carlton tries to make Will assimilate to Bel-Air’s culture. Of course, Willy from Philly could care less, still being himself even when others don’t understand him. Uncle Phil isn’t sure that will can make it, and he, along with Aunt Viv, give him some great wisdom. This is his second chance to get his life on track, and he must take advantage of it. 

Jabari Banks as Will in Bel-Air trailer wears a burgundy suit jacket, black tie, book bag, and hat to the side. Bel-Air now has a release date as well.

The Bel-Air trailer certainly leans into the more serious aspects of this take, including what seems to be a less silly Jazz. And honestly, as a mega-fan of the original series, I am into this. Instead of simply regurgitating the original and trying to capture lightning in a bottle twice with the same type of humor, they are doing something different. Bel-Air has also received its release date; the show will air its first three episodes on Peacock on February 13, with additional episodes airing weekly.

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