FRESH PRINCE Star Tatyana Ali Meets Ashley Banks in BEL-AIR Season 2 Trailer

Bel-Air season two is right around the corner. And it seems that this season will up the drama surrounding Will and the Banks family. Of course, the first season ended with Will coming face-to-face with his father and discovering the truth about his absence. Now, we will get to see how that information affects him in many ways, including some sketchy life choices. Many surprises are certainly coming in Bel-Air season two but, as we see in the trailer, the biggest one is that Tatyana Ali is joining the cast. That’s right, the original Ashley Banks will meet Bel-Air’s Ashley… sort of.

The Bel-Air season two trailer gives us a taste of what everyone is up to. Will is still at Bel-Air Academy, but he’s also spending a lot of time in South Central with Jazz. Carlton is particularly concerned about Will getting money from pickup basketball games. Honestly, it makes sense, considering that a skirmish on the court is what led to Will coming to Bel-Air in the first place. Carlton is also trying to redefine himself at school, but not without some troubles.

Hilary and Jazz are truly a “thing” while Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil’s marriage seems to be on rocky shores. And, of course, we get to meet Tatyana Ali’s Bel-Air character in this trailer. She’s portraying Mrs. Hughes, an English teacher at Ashley’s school who sees something special in her. They will likely form a close bond, with Ashley confiding in her about life matters. It is very reminiscent of Christina Ricci appearing in Wednesday… except Mrs. Hughes isn’t evil.

Alongside its trailer, Bel-Air also dropped some a slate of new images to hype up season two. That Bel-Air Academy jacket is still fire, just like Will’s impeccable sneaker collection.

Bel-Air season two hits Peacock on February 23.

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