Go Behind The Scenes of the JURASSIC WORLD Ride

With all the recent theme park news swirling around, it’s hard to keep track of what happened this summer. Specifically, with all the Disney Parks news, it’s easy to forget that Universal had its own cinematic expansion, too. After closing its Jurassic Park ride last year, Universal premiered an updated, Jurassic World version this past July. In addition to opening the ride, Universal also found the time to film the process. This past week, Universal Studios Hollywood debuted a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube about the making of the Jurassic World ride.

The video starts out with how the original Jurassic Park ride came to be. Spielberg is present, of course, explaining the inception with footage from the ‘90s. Spielberg goes on to explain why Jurassic Park needed to expand into this new version. Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, echoing Spielberg, expresses interest in exploring what a functional dinosaur park is like. 

In addition to the main aspects of the ride, Universal further fleshed out the attraction with in-world videos featuring its film protagonists. We get to see behind-the-scenes footage of Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt, and BD Wong explaining the park in character. Even in these brief clips, we can see how these in-ride videos transport park goers into Jurassic World. 

Image Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

Perhaps most remarkable, though, is how the team at Universal went about updating the ride. Certain elements—like the emergency escape from the park—are still there, but new elements have been added. Most impressive is the creation of the Mosasaurus’ aquarium. Over a 100-feet-long and filled with real water, the aquarium is both a technical and storytelling marvel. When the Mosasaurus glides through and splashes riders with water, it’s hard not to believe you’re truly in Jurassic World. 

In the end, Spielberg sums up what makes the Jurassic World ride and area so great: dinosaurs are alive there. Both the attraction and dinosaur experience areas allow people to really see what it was like to walk amongst dinosaurs. Like the movies, the Jurassic World theme park experience is a place where dinosaurs can be brought back to life. 

Image Header Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

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