The Ghost with the Most has been summoned to Broadway for an all new musical based on Tim Burton’s movie, and now we have our first look at what Beetlejuice will look and sound like under the bright lights.

The Big Apple must have said his name three times, because Beetlejuice has come to New York City. The new musical combines Tim Burton’s movie with an all new score. It also includes a few classic tracks from some of the film’s best scenes. It arrives on the world’s biggest stage after a limited run at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. last fall. With its official Broadway opening set for April 25, Beetlejuice the Musical unveiled its first official trailer. Behold the most famous black-and-white striped suit in the Neitherworld.

This first look at the musical, whose sets and props look genuinely fantastic, includes most of the movie’s most memorable moments, as well as all of the side characters we love. There is at least one entirely new sequence, though – a number that takes place at Barbara and Adam Maitland’s funeral.

If we have any concern it’s just how much Beetlejuice we see here. One of the reasons he’s so great in the film is we don’t actually see him all that much. He might be the titular character, but he’s not the main focus of the film. Lydia and the Maitlands are.

A little bit of Beetlejuice goes a long way. Too much and you accidentally risk unleashing an anti-living demon on the world – or Broadway. You’ll see a lot of the Ghost with the Most; the show has a runtime of 2 hrs 40 minutes.

Directed by Moulin Rouge‘s Alex Timbers, Beetlejuice is open for previews on Broadway already at the Winter Garden Theatre. You can summon the bio-exorcist by saying his name three times, but if you want to see the show you’ll still need a ticket. You can purchase them through the musical’s official website.

Featured Image: Beetlejuice The Musical

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