A BEETLEJUICE Documentary Is in the Works, But Needs Your Help

Beetlejuice, Tim Burton’s first original feature (and second altogether after Pee-wee’s Big Adventure), is iconic precisely because it began to define what the “Tim Burton style” was and would come to be. The strange angles, the supernatural characters who looked like squiggly hand drawings come to life, black and white stripes and spirals, the goth-girl aesthetic that many of his leading ladies would uphold, and villains who are inevitably obsessed with unfettered self-expression. The 1988 film is a modern classic, and is overdue for a really good making-of documentary. But that’s about to change.Produced by The Goldbergs creator Adam F. Goldberg, and featuring poster art by Stranger Things artist Kyle Lambert, Documentary for the Recently Deceased is currently funding on Kickstarter, with a deadline of January 6 and more than half the goal still left unreached as of this writing. Thirteen cast and crew members have already been interviewed, with ten more confirmed and goals beyond that. And judging by what we can already see above, they have a lot to say and feel very free to say it. Just like the “ghost with the most.”And hey, you know how every other year we get some kind of report that Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, or somebody else is “interested” in doing a Beetlejuice sequel? Fan-funding of a documentary about the original could be significant proof in Hollywood’s eyes that when folks demand another installment, the only correct answer is, “Okay; I believe you!” So get in on it.

Image: Warner Bros.

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