This Horror Coloring Book Is Equally Creepy and Relaxing (Exclusive)

If you combine the serene time-killing of coloring books with the tense uneasiness of horror, would you get something that’s an average level of relaxing, or at one of the two extremes? Those are the limits that the upcoming coloring book The Beauty Of Horror II: Ghouliana’s Creepatorium is pushing, and based on the exclusive pages below, this ought to be a calm and welcoming coloring experience.

Part of the reason Alan Robert’s (of the band Life of Agony) new book works is that adult coloring books and horror have one very important thing in common: fine details. In horror, they make the experience creepy and realistic; In coloring books, they add a reasonable level of challenge that makes the process interesting and just mentally taxing enough.

Robert, the creator of The Beauty Of Horror II who also is the bassist of the band Life Of Agony, talked about this, his drawing style, and much more in a brief interview.

Nerdist: What 3 horror films are your all time-favorite?

Alan Robert: The Shining, An American Werewolf in London, and Evil Dead 2. If I could, I’d try to squeeze The Thing and The Exorcist.

N: Which comics most influenced your graphic design style?

AR: I grew up on Mike Zeck’s Punisher limited-series in the ’80s. I would say he is probably my biggest comics influence. Frank Miller’s Sin City was also a big favorite of mine back then. Later on, I fell in love with the wild stuff Dave McKean was doing with textures in Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Brian Bolland’s work on Batman The Killing Joke was insanely great. That also made a big impact on me. The Watchmen taught me a lot about storytelling and pacing, I learned a lot from that one. Years later, I got very into Mike Mignola’s Hellboy and Ben Templesmith ‘s 30 Days of Night.

Nerdist: Do you recommend coloring this book with your own blood?

AR: Actually, I recommend coloring this book with someone else’s blood. (No, not really)

Nerdist: which bands should you blast while you are coloring this book?

AR: Well, I drew a lot of the book listening to my old faves like Quicksand, Clutch, Sheer Terror, Carnivore, Social D, Rancid,  Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards, and  Rage Against the Machine, so I think any of those bad boys should do the trick.

N: Do you think horror can be a soothing medium even if its stress-inducing?

AR: To me, horror isn’t stressful, especially since I’ve been watching horror movies since I was just a kid. Horror is my comfort zone. Both enjoying it as a fan, and as a horror creator. The scarier the better!

Check out the sample pages above, and let us know in the comments below if you’re sharpening your colored pencils in anticipation.

Images: Alan Robert

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