Disney Parks’ Upcoming BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Ride Looks Crazy Advanced

Disney has adapted its animated Beauty and the Beast into a few different forms since it opened in 1991. The film has been turned into a Broadway musical, stage shows for Disney Parks and the Disney Cruise Line, and a live-action movie. And in a couple of years, Tokyo Disneyland guests will be able to experience the movie in an entirely new way when the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast attraction opens.The ride, the first ever Beauty and the Beast ride through technology, will take audiences through the movie in vehicles that look like Mrs. Potts’ teacups. The teacups “dance” to the iconic music in the most memorable scenes from the movie; they’re meant to feel like they’re alive. You can get a peek at the teacups in the below video along with what looks to be the truly standout part of the attraction: the audio-animatronic figures.Do you see Belle nodding along to “Be Our Guest?” It’s like she’s real–as real as an animated character can be. Animatronic figures have a come a long way since the first Disney park, Disneyland, opened in 1955. Belle, Beast, and Philippe were created digitally at Walt Disney Animation Studios, and then Imagineering took those designs and used fairy dust to bring them to life. Some of those artists at the Animation Studios even worked on the movie in 1991. Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast is set to come to Tokyo Disneyland in spring 2020.

Images: Disney Parks

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