Watch Disney Cruise’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Highlights!

Along with their theme parks and film releases, another part of the Disney empire that is quite literally grounded right now due to the coronavirus pandemic is their cruise line. And it might be quite a while before any of the Disney cruise ships set sail again. In the meantime, however, the official Disney Parks Blog is offering fans a chance to see one of the Disney Dream‘s Broadway-style shows, sharing a video showcasing several songs from Beauty and the Beast. 

You can watch the nearly 20-minute video right here:

This is a first-of-its-kind video from the Disney Cruise Line, which doesn’t usually give this many extended glimpses into its stage productions. This previously recorded video features the opening cast from the show’s debut. The video shows highlights from the entire production, and almost all of the stage show’s most beloved songs are showcased, including “Belle,” “Gaston,” “Be Our Guest,” and of course, the titular “ Beauty and the Beast.

Each ship on the Disney Cruise line has a different Broadway-style show, with Frozen: A Musical Spectacular on board the Disney Wonder, and Tangled: The Musical playing on the Disney Magic. Meanwhile, Aladdin plays nightly on the Disney Fantasy. A few other smaller scale shows, like Disney Dreams: An Enchanted Classic, play on board multiple ships.

While many of these have official Broadway counterparts, some of them are totally unique to the Disney Cruise line. Tangled: The Musical is only performed on the ships, and has yet to have an official on-land debut. As it’s impossible to say when the Disney Cruise Line will be up and running again, so it’s nice that we can see at least some of the hard work that all of the actors put into their performances day in and day out online now.

Featured Image: The Walt Disney Company / YouTube

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