Beat Back Even More Demons in Aeon’s End: War Eternal Expansion

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Last year, Indie Boards and Cards Cards & Action Phase Games introduced gamers to Aeon’s End, a dramatic deckbuilding places players into the roles of mages tasked with defending the last hope of civilization from the unspeakable monsters that emerge from otherworldly breaches. Now, a new expansion is pushing Aeon’s End even further than before, with new artwork, new characters, and enemies that are far more powerful than the previous Nameless hordes.

Last month, a campaign for Aeon’s End: War Eternal expansion was launched on Kickstarter, and it has quickly approached nearly $300,000 in funding. That’s far beyond the initial goal of $30,000, and it demonstrates just how popular the franchise has become in a short time.

War Eternal can be played a stand alone game or in conjunction with the original Aeon’s End; which gives players the freedom to decide how they want to experience the new title. War Eternal also introduces a few new mages as well as a variable turn order system that will shake up the way players fight the Nameless and cooperate with each other. To get the standard game, a backer-only needs to pledge $65. But if the backers helped fund the previous Aeon’s End Kickstarter campaign then they will also receive an update pack for free. More recent fans will also have that option for the update pack, but they will have to add $10 to their pledge to get it. An additional accessory pack is also available for $20 on top of the $65 pledge.

For more information about this campaign, you can visit the official Kickstarter page. The campaign will run until Thursday, April 20; and the game is expected to ship in August of this year.

Are you excited about all of the new options included in Aeon’s End: War Eternal? Cast your spells and share your thoughts below!

Image Credit: Indie Boards and Cards Cards/Action Phase Games

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