Be a Sailor Scout in DnD with These Character Sheets

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If you’ve ever wanted to fight evil by moonlight or win love by daylight, have we got the character sheets for you! Now you can play DnD 5e as your favorite Sailor Scout of the Inner Circle and take down the Negaverse. By the power of the moon, may your hits be crits!

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is, depending on how she feels, the weakest and strongest member of the Sailor Scouts. As a sorceress, Sailor Moon is able to cast spells of (moon)light damage. Once she multiclasses as a rogue, Moon is able to disguise herself and sneak around much as she did in the series (despite being a rather clumsy person). Sailor Moon is, of course, the reincarnated form of Princess Serenity, so a noble background is perfect for her. Ask your DM to let you customize her weapon as a discus, the weapon her tiara turns into in the show.

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury is the smartest member of the Sailor Scouts. She would clearly take the Sage background and would begin as a Wizard to use her Intelligence stat as her spell modifier. Mercury uses powers of water and illusion to defeat evil. She eventually uses the attack “Mercury Aqua Rhapsody” where she plays a lyre made of water, making a multiclass as a bard essential, despite Mercury’s shyness. Sailor Mercury is not the type to attack with weapons, focusing on helping her teammates and making ranged attacks to win the day.

Sailor Mars

In the series, Sailor Mars works at the Hikawa Shrine with her grandfather, so this PC started as a Cleric and Acolyte of Mars. Sailor Mars eventually gets a fire-bow attack, so it made sense to multiclass her as a ranger. Her attacks are all fire and divinity based, befitting her personality and background. Though Mars has a fiery temper, she cares greatly for her friends and family and will look after them when they are hurt, making healing a necessary aspect for this PC.

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter is the strongest of the Sailor Scouts. She has a propensity to rage and hit first/ask questions later, so a barbarian is the perfect class for her. To use spells with lightning damage, Jupiter is multiclassed as a sorcerer. Though she doesn’t typically use weapons on the show, as a barbarian Jupiter would want to use a weapon or two. Here she is given a mace, though you may want to pick up a lance eventually, to reflect  Jupiter’s Tambo transforming into a lance in the final episode. She also has an affinity with nature, so it would make sense to multiclass as a druid at a later level.

Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus was called as a Sailor Scout a full year before the others of the Inner Circle. As such, she is a level ahead of the others in experience. Venus spent a lot of time alone before befriending the other scouts. Her ability to maintain not one, but two disguises (Sailor Venus and Sailor V) makes a Rogue with the Arcane Trickster Archetype perfect for her. Sailor Venus typically uses light and charm attacks, though as the representative of such a poisonous planet, poison attacks are also thematic. By multiclassing as a ranger, Venus is able to utilize Artemis as her familiar and constant companion.

*Experience points for Venus should read 2700 since she is level 4.

And there you have it! Just remember to never turn your back on your friends, always be there to defend, and be the one on whom they can depend. That’s how you play as Sailor Moon!

Have suggestions for other characters in the show? Want to see how to build the Prince and generals of the Earth Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below!

Character Sheets Created by: Ailea Merriam-Pigg

All Images Credited to: Toei Animation

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