Be a Cool Cat in These DORAEMON Reebok Shoes

For the unaware, Doraemon isn’t a Digimon, but the eponymous star of an immensely popular manga and anime. He’s a robot cat from the future, but his footwear is decidedly basic. Heck, he might not even be wearing shoes, since his feet look like a white blob similar to his hands. Perhaps he comes from a time when civilization has evolved beyond the need of aesthetically interesting shoes. Whatever the case, we live in an era where cool shoes are what we’re all about, so the anime cat has partnered with Reebok for a limited edition Doraemon shoe that’s a definite step up from white blob ( via RocketNews24).

If Doraemon was a shoe, he would be this colorway of the Reebok InstaPump Fury, above. What’s impressive here is the attention to detail: The distinctive Doraemon blue is of course the focus, but the upper is fur-like, as is the white back. Meanwhile, a loop on the back of the shoe proclaims love for Dorayaki, Doraemon’s favorite snack, and even the pump on the tongue is made to look like Doraemon’s yellow bell.Japanese retailer Atmos has the shoes in stock, but it’ll cost you: 21,600 yen, or about $190, to be specific. Still, regular editions of the Reebok InstaPump Fury cost about that much, so the mark-up isn’t anything crazy. You just might have a hard time finding them in your size. Atmos currently only carries up to size 23.5 (US size 6), but you can request up to a size 30 (US 12). Actually getting them could be tough, but hey, at least they’re fun to look at.

Featured image: Atmos

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