BATMAN Asks to Sit at the Marvel Table on CONAN

The MCU, with its colorful heroes and fun movies, has conquered box offices around the world, while the DCEU, despite having the most popular comic book characters of all time has, uh, not. As a skit on last night’s Conan suggests, the large ticket sales discrepancy has prompted Gotham’s very own Dark Knight to question his allegiances.

Conan once again journeyed to San Diego for Comic-Con this year, and the late-night comic celebrated “Conan Con” on his show with a star-studded sketch. Set in a superhero cafeteria where the overly serious members of the DCEU don’t get to hang out with the massively successful MCU’s cool kids, the Avengers prevent Batman—or, as they call the superhero, “Bruce Lame”—and his trusty sidekick Robin from sitting with them. It’s the kind of lighthearted jab that doesn’t appear in Justice League movies.

Things are really bad when superheroes who have so much in common with you—like a fellow rich guy without actual powers or another masked man who wears all black and is named after an animal—don’t respect you, but will welcome the non-Riverdale Jughead. In the Conansketch, Batman has truly reached the bottom of his Batcave.

Though, in fairness, hanging out with anyone from Archie would be more fun than chilling with with any DCEU characters.

Featured Image: TBS

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