This Barista’s Disney Latte Art Makes Caffeine Too Pretty to Consume

Anytime I go to a coffee shop and order a latte in a ceramic mug, I hope for latte art. If I get anything, it’s usually an artfully made leaf or heart. I admire it. I document it with my phone for posterity (read: I Instagram it). Then I carefully sip around the image so as not to disturb the barista’s creation. If I ever got a latte made by barista Kangbin Lee though, I’d probably never drink the hot beverage. He makes ridiculously detailed pieces of caffeinated, foamy art on top of lattes, many of them featuring moments and characters from Disney films.

Coffee + Disney? Be still my heart.We learned of Lee’s work thanks to Foodbeast, and after scrolling through Lee’s Instagram page, my heart’s all aflutter.

This Little Mermaid art is basically sorcery:

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This Beauty and the Beast portrait is enchanting:

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My heart is melting at this Winnie the Pooh and Piglet:

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Sometimes Lee takes on classics with his latte art, like Starry Night.

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His Insta feed has so much more Disney and pop culture art. Seriously.

Lee is currently based at C. Through Cafe located at Seongsu Station in Seoul, Korea. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, stop by. Part of me wants to advise ordering two drinks: a latte to admire and fawn over and something else you can actually imbibe, but that would be a waste of caffeine and dollars. So get that Disney latte, toss it back, live your best life, etc.

What’s the coolest latte art you’ve ever received at a coffee shop? Tell us in the comments or send us photos on Twitter: @amy_geek and @nerdist.

Images:  Kangbin Lee 

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