BALDUR’S GATE 3 Voice Actors Read Mean Tweets, Memes, and More as Fan-Favorite Characters

Baldur’s Gate 3… If you’re any kind of pop-culture lover, you’ve probably heard of it by now. The epic video game takes all the best parts of Dungeons & Dragons‘ tabletop gameplay and mixes them in with the many perks of console gaming. It’s a delightful marriage, and as a result, the game has become hugely popular. But even with so many stories to explore and many different scenes and outcomes to play through, for enthusiastic fans, there is never enough Baldur’s Gate 3 content out there. Happily, the voice actors from the game seem to agree. To keep everyone well-steeped in Baldur’s Gate 3 fun, several of its voice actors have taken to social media to give even more life to everyone’s favorite characters.

Baldur Gate 3 voice actors perform hilarious readings as characters Karlach, Lae'zel, and Shadowheart
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Let’s take a look at what Baldur’s Gate 3‘s Lae’zel, Karlach, Shadowheart, and narrator have to say to folks out there in the real world.

Baldur’s Gate 3′s Lae’zel Shares Lessons, Reads Tumblr Posts and Mean Tweets

Lae’zel is a fan-favorite Baldur’s Gate 3 character, and it’s not hard to see why. We love a competent fighter with a bit of a surly attitude. To give the people more of what they want, Lae’zel’s voice actress has put on her Baldur’s Gate 3 guise to read posts and mean tweets from the masses and explain some Githyanki terms.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Githyanki Lessons with Lae’zel

Lae’zel Reads Tumblr Posts

Don’t Mean Tweet Lae’zel

Karlach Wants to Go to Build-A-Bear

Not to be outdone, Karlach’s voice actress from Baldur’s Gate 3, Samantha Béart, joined in the social media fun. This time, the fierce Karlach is over battle and hell… She wants to go to Build-A-Bear. Relatable.

Baldur Gate’s 3‘s Shadowheart Crushes a Meme

Yes, Shadowheart may be a gatekeeper and a hater, but she’s God’s favorite princess, too! Aliona Baranova slipped into her Baldur’s Gate 3 character to slay the reading of a fan-requested meme as Shadowheart. And, we have to admit, the post does suit her character. Shadowheart would likely happily have said these words in the game if she could. Luckily, we get the best of all worlds.

Baldur’s Gate 3‘s Narrator Provides Hilarious Outtakes

“Sight read this, B*tch” is honestly a phrase that deserves an Oscar. Amelia Tyler, the voice actor behind Baldur’s Gate 3‘s narrator, has given us a true gift. This hilarious compilation of Baldur’s Gate 3 “Narrator Outtakes” has us truly cackling. “Dancing eye spiders, why not sure, must be Thursday!”

As the Baldur’s Gate hype continues to grow, we hope we get more of these hilarious character Easter eggs to make the game even better.

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