BAD BOYS 4 Is Officially On The Way

Bad Boys For Life defied a lot of doubters expectations during its opening weekend. It had been nearly 17 years since Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s appearance in Bad Boys II as the infamous Miami cop duo. And a January release date is typically where movies go to die. Did they still have the chemistry and stamina to keep this high-action franchise going? The answer is a resounding “yes” according to a Forbes report that estimates the film’s first weekend earnings at approximately $68 million dollars along with positive reviews. And the Bad Boys For Life title is truly the real deal because Bad Boys 4 is on the way!

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Bremner will return to write the fourth installment of the franchise. It’s ironic because a lot of Bad Boys For Life’s advertising focused on this being the last ride for Marcus and Mike. But when you have a franchise with two major actors at the helm and a dedicated fanbase, it only makes sense to keep the party going.


Locking down Bremner early presumably means that fans won’t have to wait nearly two decades for a follow up. It wouldn’t be impossible for Bad Boys 4 to happen sometime in the next year or so if things get into motion quickly and Lawrence and Smith are available to film. The pair obviously had fun filming and on the interview circuit and they like being rich so why wouldn’t they be ready to get back to being action stars?!

In the meantime, Will Smith is still living his best life and endlessly entertaining his social media followers. He’s infamous for his fun videos, traveling, and general pranks and his latest video adds a Bad Boys twist. In the clip, Will is the star of “Bad Boys For Lyft,” surprising fans with a trip in his extremely nice blue Porsche from the film. Of course, every single person immediately freaks out because Will Smith is probably one of the most recognizable people on Earth, if not in this universe.


Smith puts his passengers to a few fun tests to see if they have the chops to be his new partner. He asks them about their interrogation tactics before taking them on a quick speedy ride. Of course, their great luck gets even better when he gifts them free Lyft for a year. The clip ends with them getting out of the car and doing the famous “look off in the distance and walk away slowly” move from the Bad Boys films. It’s the dream of every single Bad Boys fan so these people have the best bragging rights for life. But, what we really want to know is how we can sign up to become a part of the Bad Boys 4 squad?!


Miami PD’s most famous bad boys will be back for more action, arguments, and another round of taking out criminals in style while simultaneously pissing off their boss. They can’t be stopped ’cause it’s bad boys for life.

Image Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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