BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III and WESTWORLD Combine in ‘Back to the Westworld’

Have you ever watched Back to the Future Part III or Westworld and thought to yourself, this is nice, but I’m not confused enough? Well then good news, little logical doggies! Now you can help yourselves to a whole heapin’ helpin’ of questions about which timeline is which and who’s a robot and what does it mean to be human and is this a holdup or a science experiment with this mash-up between a classic film and—dare we say—a classic television show in the making.

The mash-up is aptly titled “Back to the Westworld,” and galloped our way via Break. It exists thanks to Todd Spence, who’s a comedy writer, and, according to the work shown on his Twitter feed, quite a talented painter and sketch artist too.The mash-up ties together Robert Zemeckis’s final installment in the Back to the Future trilogy and Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s HBO adaptation of Michael Crichton’s original Westworld pretty darn well. This is either not much of a surprise considering Back to the Future Part III takes Doc and Marty to 1885 and Nolan told EW that the hosts are supposed to be from the mid to late 19th century…or a total surprise considering the film is a lighthearted comedy whereas the television show is, well, there are a lot of bullets and people painted in gold, if you know what we’re saying.

While the edit does a really nice job of cutting the two worlds together, in terms of movie-television mash-ups of late, the award for most seamless combination still probably has to go to that Harry PotterStranger Things mash-up that Comedy Central UK posted earlier this week. But maybe it’s too soon to judge. We all know that no mash-up’s future has been written yet.

What do you think about this Back to the Future Part IIIWestworld mash-up? Jump on the comment train below before it disappears into another dimension!

Images: Universal Pictures

We have trouble keeping the Westworld timelines straight too.

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