Great Scott! This Custom BACK TO THE FUTURE Bass Guitar Rocks

Back to the Future is, fittingly, quite timeless. It’s a perfect movie with an amazing premise. It also rocks. Not only does Marty bust out an amazing version of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode,” but the film features two of the best songs in the history of cinema: Alan Silvestri’s theme and Huey Lewis’s “Power of Love.” And we want to hear all three tracks performed with one of the coolest instruments ever made. Because great Scott! This Time Machine Bass guitar inspired by Doc Brown’s DeLorean is heavy.

And it was built to help out Michael J. Fox’s charity.

Great Scott! Custom BACK TO THE FUTURE Bass Guitar Rocks_1Doner Designs

Father and son duo Steve and Richard Doner of Doner Designs built this gorgeous Back To the Future-inspired bass (which we first heard about at Laughing Squid). It matches the gray color scheme of Doc’s DeLorean and has its own “working” flux capacitor. It also displays the “year” its musician wants to travel to. Combined with flashing lights and lots of others features, it looks like it will travel through time if played at 88 mph.

But this is more work of art than instrument. Because while it can be played and is made with high quality pieces, it’s not designed for normal use.

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The Time Machine Bass took 300 hours to build, but it was more than worth it. This is one of the coolest instruments we’ve ever seen. But it was especially worth all the time and effort because they made it to sell, with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. And that’s exactly what they did, raising a lot of money earlier this year.

If you wish you had a chance to grab it yourself, don’t feel too bad. Doner Designs is already working on their next charity guitar. They’re making a “double-neck guitar/bass combination inspired by the flamethrower guitar in the Mad Max: Fury Road.”

We can’t wait to see that! Are we sure the Time Machine Bass can’t send us to the future?

Featured Image: Doner Designs

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