Back to School Fashion: Add Some Geek Flair To Your Classroom

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September has finally arrived and it’s time once again to head back to school. To celebrate the season, let’s take a look at some easy ways to add a bit of geeky flair to your outfits. Even if you’re no longer a student, you can translate many of these pieces into your own post-grad fashion.


Geeky shoes are still pretty hard to find, but there are some gems available out there.  Modcloth has a whole line of charming flats that features robots, cats, nebula, and even the perfect back to school pair featuring those classic Number 2 pencils.

Photo Credit: ModCloth

If you’re looking for a more casual look, Converse has released a whole line of limited edition Chuck Taylors for women and men featuring characters from the DC Universe. Keep your eyes open for any new releases in this hard-to-get line.

Photo Credit: Converse

If you prefer Vans to Converse, you can still find some of the Vans Star Wars collection online at Journeys Shoes. This collection was extremely popular, so I expect to see more geeky offerings from them in the future.

Photo Credit: Journeys

Cardigans and Sweaters

A classic school look is a button up cardigan or sweater. This classic style has been updated by several geek retailers and you can find an increasingly wide variety of styles and geekdoms. We Love Fine has a whole new line of sweaters for men and women, like these amazing new Spidergwen and Spider-Man sweaters.

Photo Credit: We Love Fine

For a different look,  Her Universe has recently released a new line of retro-style cardigans like this Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. version. The material is light-weight and an easy way to layer for those colder classrooms.

Photo Credit: Her Universe

Belts and Belt Buckles

Belts and both practical and fashionable, so why not integrate your geekdom here as well. You can add a licensed belt buckle like this Firefly version for a shiny addition to your outfit.

Photo Credit: ThinkGeek

Hot Topic has a whole line of seatbelt-style belts, including this Millenium Falcon version. It’ll help you finish up that research paper on the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs.

Photo Credit: HotTopic

Backpacks and Messenger Bags

No school outfit would be complete without a new backpack. There’s a huge variety of geeky styles out there which you can find at mainstream stores like Target, Sears, and even Macy’s. For the biggest specialty selection, check out Hot Topic which carries some more uniquely geek offerings like this Kiki’s Delivery Service backpack.

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

For those of you who prefer messenger bags, We Love Fine has quite a selection, like this Catbug ode to video games.

Photo Credit: We Love Fine


The arrival of the fall season also brings with it fashionable cold-weather gear. A great way to add a pop of geek to your outfits is to throw on a scarf. It’s a subtle way to show some geekiness while also keeping you warm. ThinkGeek has started to carry quite a collection, including this tribute to everyone’s favorite irrational number.

Photo Credit: ThinkGeek

Hair Accessories and Hats

Speaking of accessories, don’t forget your head! You can find headbands, clips, and hair bows on places like Etsy, and Hot Topic offers plenty of licensed items like this TARDIS hair bow.

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

For you fellows (and female chapeau fans), don’t forget that a hat can add a bit of jaunty flair (and warmth) to any ensemble. Just remember to take it off during class! Manners before fashion, please.

Photo Credit: Think Geek

Bow Ties

As the good Doctor taught us, bow ties are cool. These classic pieces of old-school fashion have received a modern update thanks to creative Etsy sellers like Speicher Tie Company. Pair one with a simple pair of suspenders and you may just find yourself day-dreaming of escaping into the TARDIS.

Image Credit: SpeicherBowTieCo


Geeks know that glasses are cool, so why not up your eyewear game by adding some touches of nerd there as well.  Sires Crown Eyewear takes vintage comic book panels and creates a unique, geeky look using their woodframe glasses. These are classy, practical, and fun.

Photo Credit: Sires Crown Eyewear

If you’ve got any geeky looks of your own for the new school year that you’d like to share, please post them in the comment section below. Good luck with the new school year and study hard (and fashionably)!

Featured Image Credit: ThinkGeek

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