AVENGERS TOWER Lending Library Stores a Super Comic Book Collection

Little Free Libraries have become enough of a thing in recent years that there’s a website devoted to mapping them. Many of them take the form of our favorite pop culture entities, like this TARDIS library in Detroit, Michigan. Missy Schmalz and her husband Evan wanted to do something a little different and make a neighborhood library devoted to only comic books. Aptly, they modeled their comic book lending library on the Avengers Tower. What better place to hold comics than the iconic Marvel locale?

The tower is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was made from the ground up. Missy recruited assistance from a cousin’s husband, Thomas Kasiewicz, to craft the structure. She then spent three weeks painting it to match Avengers Tower.

She told Nerdist the comics library has been a hit with the neighborhood. “All ages books are the most popular, so far,” Missy said. “Some people have even dropped off trade paperbacks to it. The top section is for single issues, the middle for teen plus, and the bottom for all ages. It really makes us happy to spread the love of comics to others.”

Catch a quinjet (or scroll) to the gallery below to see more photos of the superhero inspired free lending library.

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Images: Missy Schmalz

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