We really should have seen the ending for Infinity War coming as soon as we learned Carrie Coon was joining the cast.

Because in a movie where the main villain’s goal was to make half of all life in the universe vanish instantaneously, casting an actress renowned for her performance on a show where two percent of the world’s population vanished instantaneously was some next level foreshadowing by Marvel. Which is why our latest Remix is giving the Mad Titan’s apocalyptic snap of the finger the The Leftovers opening credits theme song it deserves.

[mpx_video type=”editorial” guid=”f080360e614ab60dd296f4c3a5f94f91fdf40676″]

While the internet has been dealing with the crushing finale with hilarious death memesNerdist Presents pays homage to Infinity War’s shocking ending by crossing it over with its spiritual story brethren. While everybody is worrying how the MCU is going to undo Thanos’s unthinkable act, we’re still processing our feelings after what we saw. And if there’s one story that taught us how to process feelings of loss, it was The Leftovers.

As someone who loves The Leftovers so much the opening notes of that theme song make me tear up, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry right now. Maybe being reminded of the saddest show in TV history wasn’t a great method for getting over seeing Peter Parker disintegrate in Tony Stark’s arms.

Of course, we can just treat Infinity War as season four of the show. Now that helps!

What did you think of the finale? Did you immediately think of The Leftovers too? Tell us in the comments below what you thought when you saw it.

Vocals by Jackie Johnson
Produced by Jason Nguyen
Music Producer Freddy Scott
Composed by Jon Odate
Edited by Matt Caron & Tim Herrold
Lyrics by Joan Ford
Associate Producer Erik Kozura

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