Acting Student Turns AUSTIN POWERS into Dramatic Monologue

Two lackluster sequels have taken little bit of the shine off of the original Austin Powers, but they shouldn’t. The first film in the franchise, 1997’s International Man of Mystery, was an instant classic for good reason. It was a spot-on spy movie parody that also felt wholly original. It was also absolutely hilarious and featured two great Mike Myers performances at the height of his power. It’s one of those comedies you would assume everyone knows by heart. But at least one acting class definitely doesn’t. Because no one noticed when a fellow student gave a sincere, emotional, heartfelt performance of Dr. Evil‘s absurd speech about growing up.

On Twitter, acting student Lisa Gilroy shared the dramatic monologue she prepared for her class. Her teacher said students could pick a speech from any movie. So she used that freedom to make a truly inspired choice. She didn’t opt for something serious. Instead she turned a hilarious monologue into something very dramatic. Gilroy went with Dr. Evil’s hilarious speech he gave to his group therapy class he attended with his son Scott. (In a scene that also stars Carrie Fisher!)

Despite her genuine reading, any Austin Powers fan will recognize the monologue immediately. It starts off as something you might hear in a dramatic movie, but it quickly goes to a ridiculous place. “My father would womanize, he would drink, make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy.”

And then it gets even better.

Acting Class Doesn't Recognize Student's Dr. Evil Speech_1New Line Cinema

First, we hope Gilroy got an A. The level of difficulty just keeping straight face is worthy of high marks by itself. Second, what the hell is going on in that class? None of them have seen Austin Powers before? It’s a classic! And it might be the best moment from Dr. Evil, an iconic character. Everyone in that acting class should minor in movie history. But it’s okay to skip the sequels.

Featured Image: New Line Cinema

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