ATELIER: THE PAINTER’S STUDIO Is (Literally) a Work of Art

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Button up that puffy shirt and lace those corsets, it’s time to party like it’s the 1800s! A new tabletop game is always a cause for celebration.  Atelier: The Painter’s Studio from AEG puts you and your competitors in the shoes of a master artist in the 19th century as you manage an art studio, or atelier, and the students eager to learn from you. Can you make a masterpiece or will your hard work fade into obscurity?


Two to four players, ages 14 and up, open their art studios as the European-style set collection game begins. Painting and patron decks are shuffled, and seven cards are placed face-up on the table. Piles of the paint tokens are also placed on the tabletop. Each player then receives a player board, 12 students, dice, and an inspiration token, and then it’s time to get artsy.


On their turn, a player starts with a roll of the dice. Each number has a corresponding action they can take as they manage their art studio, including placing students at a paint pile, moving students from one pile to another, collecting a paint token from the pile that has the most of your students, painting a work of art, and gaining one token from any paint pile.

Once the artist is begins their masterpiece, they need the number of paint tokens shown on the painting card to complete it. Each finished piece–based on a real painting from 19th century masters–grants the player a one-time or persistent ability, so you’ll need to use your wits and your paintbrush to stay one step ahead.

Three completed paintings with the Masterpiece symbol on the card starts the end of the game. Players tally their paintings and patrons to calculate points and determine the master artist who stands above the rest.


Atelier: The Painter’s Studio is the perfect way to spend a quiet game night in. And it might even ignite a new passion and appreciation for fine art and the masters that poured their souls on to the canvas! You’ll find the easy-to-learn tabletop masterpiece at your FLGS or on the Alderac Entertainment Group website now.

This post is sponsored by AEG.

All Game Images: AEG

Painting: Wheatfield with Cypresses, Vincent Van Gogh

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