After 20 Years, Ash Earns the Title of Pokémon Master

It’s been two decades of struggle for Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum. Despite his best efforts, the perpetual ten-year-old has never achieved his ultimate dream of becoming a Pokémon Master. But all of that has finally changed. In the most recent episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon, Ash wins the championship competition of the Alola League at long last. This moment finally gives the franchise’s main character an official Pokémon League tournament win. “Good things come to those who wait” is an old saying that turned out to be true in this instance. But man… what a wait.

The episode has thus far only aired in Japan, but news travels fast. And fans all over the world are expressing their excitement and disbelief at Ash’s long awaited win all over social media.

But the most important mention of all came from original Ash voice actor Veronica Taylor, who tweeted out her congratulations to the character from his “younger self.” And that’s the sound of every ’90s kid across the globe as their hearts melt.

This win isn’t without controversy however; the Sun and Moon series (along with their respective games) haven’t been as well received by some longtime fans of the franchise due to the massive breaks in tradition that have formed the foundation of the series for the past 20 years. But nevertheless, Ash has, for the most part, been the underdog. Or at the very least drawn that way. He’s someone that can be rooted for universally because he’s simply a kid with a dream and he works towards accomplishing it with the help of his Pokemon and the friends he makes along the way.

Here’s hoping it’s not 2040 before Ash wins his next championship. Maybe by that time he’ll have hit puberty?

Images: The Pokémon Company

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