Artist Celebrates HARRY POTTER with 31 Magical Illustrations

Every July 31,  Harry Potter fans around the world celebrate the birthday of the Boy Who Lived, but some especially talented Potterheads participate in a magical monthlong soirée by sharing original illustrations of their favorite characters and creatures from the Wizarding World.

The most dedicated among the lot completely commit to the Potter party by posting a new drawing every single day. For instance, we have artist Hollie Mengert, who turned our favorite Hogwarts students into adorable and stylish kid’s drawings.

Mengert posted 31 drawings to their Instagram account throughout the month July, and they feature Hogwarts students and professors, magical animals, some of J.K. Rowling’s most famous pets, and even one of Mengert with their  very own Patronus.

These are cute enough that even Voldemort almost looks lovable. Almost.

That is definitely the sweetest Nagini has ever looked.

They also included some illustrations of some of our favorite creatures from Fantastic Beasts, like this nifty Niffler.

It’s impossible for us to pick a favorite, but since July ends with Harry’s birthday, this one is especially hard to top.

And we thought we were good fans just for remembering his birthday.

Head on over to Mengert’s Instagram to see the rest of their month-long series, and let us know which of their drawings is your favorite!

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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