Art For Breakfast: Pop Culture Pancakes

Are you eating plain, round pancakes like a sucker? Why bother when you can have the most realistic pop culture pancakes to ever hit the griddle! We’ve seen pretty  awesome  pancake  art in the past, but these are above and beyond, absolute perfect copies of the characters they’re modeled after.

Youtuber  Tiger Tomato makes breakfast with a flair and panache you’d never expect from a hotcake. Deliciously realistic pancakes that look just like characters from animated series, movies and video games.

What sets these flapjacks apart from the rest is the bright colors that pop right off the plate. It’s as if they used a Pantone color chart to get every detail just right. Even the intricate lines show no signs of the tell-tale unsure pancake wibble wobble.

In the videos, you can see that Tiger Tomato uses a needle nose squeeze bottle to get those perfect intricate lines. As if you aren’t already mesmerized, it’s shocking to think that each pancake is made totally freehand. It’s pure artistry, a good eye, and very, very steady hands.

From  Adventure Time‘s Finn and Jake to Pikachu and  Sonic, the pancakes are all stunning, edible works of art. The Elsa pancake is perfection, from her signature braid down to her flawless eyeshadow.

If you think you’re ready to attempt this for yourself, in the youtube comments Tiger Tomato gives some tips on how he gets everything just so. As far as the batter, it’s nothing fancy–just a standard pancake mix, with added water. The vibrant colors are achieved by mixing the pancake mix with food coloring. The even tone comes from using very low heat, only turning it up at the end to get it fully cooked. And yes, they eat everything they make.

What’s your favorite character to have for breakfast? Check out even more pancake videos below.

HT:  Laughing Squid

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