ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Season 5 Will Fix Season 4’s Biggest Problem

As the upcoming fifth season of Arrested Development is in production, we can’t get enough advance info and any details about what the Bluth family will be up to this time around. We already know that the plot will focus on some sort of murder mystery, and Jason Bateman previously teased that unlike season four, the new season will feature a lot more scenes with the family together in the same room. How isolated everybody was from each other was one of the big bummers of the show’s comeback season, so it’s nice to hear that they’re remedying that problem.

In a recent interview with  Vulture, Alia Shawkat doubled down on Bateman’s claim, saying that the Bluths will spend a lot more time together this time around: “They somehow were able to figure it out so it’s a lot of us in the house again together. It’s what the family is doing now that they’re back together again, and where they came from. A lot more penthouse group hangs, which will be fun.”


She went on to say that everybody on the show heard the feedback and are ready to respond to it, saying, “Everywhere there was such a hype about it and then when it came out it was like, okay, now it’s out. [And viewers] were like, ‘We want to see everyone together again.’ So that’s what they’re doing in this, is responding to that.”

The interview, which you can read in full  here, also suggests that Maeby will be involved with some high-concept, disguise-heavy hijinks. Check out the interview, and let us know in the comments what else you want to see in Arrested Development season five.

Featured image: Netflix

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