Knight in Full Armor Gives a Tour of a Castle-Like Home for Sale

“This castle has served me well, but alas, it’s time to sell.” That’s the clarion call from a “knight” who’s just put a castle-like home up for sale in Spokane, Washington. In the video below the knight offers a grand tour of the fortified home and it’s downright hilarious. Also inspiring, as we now wish we too lived in a medieval daydream. Or at least had some very defensive counter-clockwise stairwells.

Digg picked up on the medieval home listing, which recently popped up on the market. Spokane-based real estate company Jonas and Associates listed the property and hired an armorist to play the knight in the video. Incidentally, Digg reports that the day the real estate agency recorded the video the temperature outside was 100°F. Also, the armor weighed a whopping 100 pounds.

A knight in full armor standing in front of a castle-like home in a woody part of Spokane.

Jonas Elber

The challenging production paid off, however, as this home tour is a true Zillow gem. The knight first greets prospective buyers in front of the home’s facade, which consists of tens of thousands of bricks and genuinely looks like a good spot from which to defend against invading armies. The knight then proceeds to work his way through the 4,000-square-foot house; showing off everything from the “daylight dungeon” to the “master bedchamber.”

A fully armored knight holding a book, peeking his head out into the kitchen from a secret room.

Jonas Elber

It’s extremely hard to pick the funniest part of the video, but there are certainly some choice moments. The knight wielding dual blades like Ser Arthur Dayne in the downstairs living room is pretty great. The look at the master bathroom is just as ridiculous, with the knight taking a moment to shower. In full armor. In 100-degree heat. Plus there are the straight-up legit medieval aspects of the home. Like its royal courtyards, fortress walls, hidden rooms, and two distinct “living” towers. (In battle, they’d turn into “dying” towers.)

A knight in full armor playing hockey just outside of a castle-like home.

Jonas Elber

Anybody interested in a more complete tour can find all the home’s details on the Jonas Associates’ website. As well as the actual Zillow listing, which pegs the home’s value at $600,000. Which means prospective buyers will need to slay a good amount of dragons (or overtime) to store up enough loot for the purchase.

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