Arby’s Is Tossing a New Set of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Dice Our Way

Dungeons & Dragons is having quite a cultural moment again. There’s a live-action D&D film in theaters, Honor Among Thieves, as well as a TV series in the works. And of course, all of those Stranger Things references continue to make this game larger than life. So it makes sense that the legendary RPG would have a cross-promotion with a known brand right now. Thanks to fan demand, fast-food chain Arby’s is once again offering a special promotion featuring limited edition Arby’s Dungeons & Dragons dice. You can check out images of the new 2023 D&D Arby’s dice below:

The new Dungeons & Dragons dice from Arby's.
Arby’s/ Cameron Leach

The limited-edition complete D&D dice sets dropped on April 17 at for $12. They made the dice of a transparent material with a small Arby’s hat embedded inside. Each dice features gold lettering and has a tiny Arby’s logo in place of its highest number. Now, the initial round of Arby’s Dungeons & Dragons dice sold out rather fast. The fans ate them up as fast as they’d eat up an Arby’s corned beef sandwich. But for those of you who missed the first drop, worry not. There will be a final drop on April 21. For more details on exactly what time, be sure to follow  @Arbys on Instagram. 

The new Dungeons & Dragons dice from Arby's, 2023 edition.
Arby’s/Cameron Leach

These dice don’t represent the first time Arby’s has worked with the D&D brand. Back in 2021, Arby’s released its first set of dice. They were so popular, they sold out almost right away. Fans paid exorbitant amounts of money for them later on eBay. So because of popular demand, they’ve decided to go for round two. And wisely, they planned a second drop for these this time, knowing how in demand they were during the last go-round. Hopefully, one day they start naming some actual food offerings after D&D iconography. We hope to walk into our local Arby’s and ask for a Bard Beef n’ Cheddar, or a Mindflayer Milkshake. Beholder cake for dessert, anyone?

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