Get French Fry Wasted with Arby’s Limited-Edition Vodkas

I am one of many vodka lovers on this planet. There’s a lot you can do with this clear liquor, from drinking it straight (days are rough sometimes) to adding it in a fun alcoholic concoction. It can also come in its own bevy of fruity, spicy, and other tasty flavors. But this crispy take is interesting. Arby’s is releasing its own vodka and it will have the flavors of the franchise’s fries. That’s right, those curly and crinkle fries are getting an 80-proof bump just in time for the holidays.

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This news, which we first picked up from Mashed, may seem farfetched at first. Who the heck would want vodka that tastes like fries. But, when you think about it, this isn’t too weird at all. Vodka is made from potatoes ( when it’s not radioactive), right? And bar foods like fries and burgers go well with vodka. So it is like having a double order of fries without eating a double order of fries. In a world of macaroni ice creams and other weird foods, this honestly sounds like a banger. The crinkle fry one has hints of kosher salt and sugar in it while curly fry vodka boasts cayenne pepper, paprika, onion, and garlic. Yum.

photo of two bottles of Arby's french fry vodka along with crinkle and curly fries

The two Arby’s vodkas will sell in different batches. The curly fry vodka goes on sale on November 18 while the crinkle fry one will be available on November 22. They can be found on Arby’s special vodka website for $59.99 each plus shipping. The website’s countdown is live along with some social page links to keep up with future news. Of course, these will be limited edition so anyone who wants to grab one should mark their calendars to make sure they are ready to order. And, as always, remember to drink responsibly when consuming alcohol.

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