New AQUAMAN Trailer Looks Like LORD OF THE RINGS Underwater

Arthur Curry didn’t skip San Diego Comic-Con! Warner Bros. took over Hall H on Saturday morning of the convention and dropped the first trailer for James Wan’s upcoming Aquaman starring Jason Momoa as the Atlantean superhero.

Take a look:

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Shirtless Jason Momoa and all kinds of sea creatures. Amber Heard as Mera looking like a regal, beautiful mermaid. And James Wan staple Patrick Wilson as the villainous Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother, whose three-pronged trident and slicked blond hair lend him a menacing allure.

The trailer also gives us a peek at Curry’s origin story, showing how his unique backstory – as the son of a mortal father (Temuera Morrison) and sea queen Atlanta ( Nicole Kidman) – both holds him back and gives him an important role in an impending war between humans and undersea folk. As Mera tells him, “You think you’re unworthy to lead because you’re of two different worlds, but that is exactly why you are worthy.”

The visuals of the underwater civilization of Atlantis bring to mind the elvish worlds of Lord of the Rings, with its sleek colors and hidden-world locale. But apart from the epic scale, the trailer is also light in tone and heavy on humor. It doesn’t look like Arthur Curry will be a bore to spend time with, and the pulpiness of the action scenes make Aquaman look like a whole lot of fun.

Lucky Hall H attendees were also treated to extended footage, including a better look at Arthur and Mera discovering Atlantis, a look at Black Manta, and a moment (possibly a flashback) where Kidman’s Atlanta fights with a trident. That footage was in-room only, so we’ll have to wait until Aquaman hits theaters December 21 before we can see for ourselves.

What do you think of the new trailer for Aquaman? Do you think Jason Momoa is right for the role? Sound off below!

Image: Warner Bros.

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