7 Aquaman Quotes from JUSTICE LEAGUE to Use in Everyday Life

Arthur Curry is a man of few words. The ocean-residing member of the Justice League doesn’t have any epic monologues or rousing rallying speeches in the latest DC movie, but that’s okay. Aquaman doesn’t need superfluous syllables to share his enthusiasm. We could all stand to embrace a little of his direct, to the point method of communication.

To that end, here are seven Aquaman quotes from Justice League that you can and absolutely should use in everyday life. Like, in your next conversation.

“My man.”

Anytime a friend helps you out or does you a solid, remember that a simple “thank you” will not suffice. Show your appreciation with an emphatic, “My man!”

“You really are out of your mind.”

You know when a co-worker makes a pot of decaf coffee and doesn’t label it accordingly and you suddenly get incredibly sleepy in the afternoon? That’s when you confront them with a, “You really are out of your mind.”

“I dig it.”

When you hear a fantastic idea, don’t just say, “Okay.” Give it a little more gusto to inspire confidence. “I dig it” lets someone know that you love what they’re bringing to the table and that you’re cool.

“A strong man is strongest alone.”

If you’re an introvert and/or control freak, being assigned a group project is one of the worst things that can happen in life. Next time a boss or teacher tries to put you in that situation, be like Aquaman and remind them “A strong (wo)man is strongest alone.”

“It’s on him.”

The next time you bail someone out of trouble, don’t let them off the hook with a display of gratitude. Go to the nearest bar, order a drink, and say, “It’s on him.”

“You tell anyone about this, you will meet every piranha I know!”

It’s hard to maintain a reputation as the resident curmudgeon/grump. You can’t let your guard down for a single nice gesture. But if you slip and someone witnesses it, tell them to keep it secret and threaten them with all the piranhas you know.


Why say yas, when you can turn yeah into a powerful two-syllable affirmation. Ye-ah!

Will you try incorporating these quotes into your life immediately? Swim to the comments and let us know how it goes.

Images: Warner Bros./DC Comics

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. Follow her on Twitter.

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