Do AQUAMAN First Reactions Have Fans On Board or Jumping Ship?

The DCEU has a lot riding – or maybe we should say surfing – on Aquaman when it washes ashore in theaters on December 21st. It’s the franchise’s first entry since last year’s uneven Justice League underwhelmed both critically and at the box office. It’s also the first movie that was made in an entirely post-Zack Snyder aesthetic. While it’s still almost a month away from premiering, this week the internet got to dip its toes in the movie’s waters, when the initial embargo for critics lifted. So does it sound like the film will have audiences yelling, “My man!” or will it be a disaster at sea for Warner Bros? Today’s Nerdist News takes a deep dive into just how excited fans should be after hearing the first reactions to the movie.On this (mostly) spoiler-free episode, host and Atlantean queen Jessica Chobot goes swimming in the seven seas of Twitter to learn what kind of initial reviews our favorite fish-man is getting. Some of them are absolutely glowing in their praise, especially for director James Wan, while others are only….mostly glowing in their praise? Wait, just how good is Aquaman? Will this apparently insane, fun underwater adventure really be the much needed departure from the mostly dark and depressing Snyderverse that has dominated the DCEU so far? Is that something the franchise’s most loyal (and most vocal) fans will enjoy?[brightcove video_id=”5972343176001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”rJs2ZD8x”]It’s hard not being excited when the most critical thing anyone can come up with is that this isn’t the best DCEU movie yet. Normally we’re asking if it might be the worst.We’d much rather go swimming in a pool with great reviews any day.What do you make of these first reactions? How excited for the film are you? Wade into our comments section to let us know.

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