Apple TV+’s SILO Trailer Sets a Mysterious Apocalypse Story in Motion

If there’s one thing that TV and film viewers love to see, it is an apocalypse. For some reason, we want to explore a world where our societal structures have fallen completely apart thanks to some natural disaster or virus. We put ourselves into survivors’ shoes, wondering how we would navigate the land, whether it’s an expansive universe like The Walking Dead or a survivors’ bubble of some sort. That’s what we get with the latter in Apple TV+’s Silo, the upcoming drama series with a trailer that promises ample drama. 

The trailer for Silo tells the futuristic story of the last survivors on Earth after a catastrophic event left the planet’s surface too toxic for humans… or so they say. The people live in a deep silo underground, a structure that no one seems to know a lot about despite it being their home. In the trailer, we see one brave woman decide to investigate an injustice that happens in the silo. And her suspicion opens up the door to a Pandora’s box of secrets that threatens everything she knows.

Rebecca Ferguson sits in a control room in Silo trailer
Apple TV+

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing that’s scarier to me than being in a potentially horrifying situation in close quarters with no real way to escape. This Silo trailer certainly feels claustrophobic in many ways. What kind of mysteries does this universe hold? Who knows. Silo stars Rebecca Ferguson, Common, David Oyelowo, Tim Robbins, and more. The series premieres on May 5.

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