Apple Orders a TIME BANDITS TV Series

Three years ago, an offhand comment from director Terry Gilliam revealed that there was a potential Time Bandits TV series in development. Now, via Deadline, the television adaptation of Gilliam’s off-beat fantasy has found a home with as an original show produced by Apple. Gilliam will not be writing the new Time Bandits series, but he will be attached as an executive producer. Gilliam co-wrote and directed the original film in 1981, and it quickly struck a chord at the box office before becoming a fan favorite movie. Craig Warnock starred in the film as Kevin, an eleven-year old boy who found himself sucked into the adventure of a lifetime by a band of time traveling dwarves, as played by Star Wars‘ Kenny Baker and other actors of small stature.

Time Bandits was an aptly chosen name because the dwarves were literally thieves who traveled through time and space to steal history’s riches. Once the dwarves worked for the Supreme Being, and it was their job to patch up any space-time holes in creation. Before they fled the Supreme Being’s service, they stole a map of the universe that charted all of the holes, and Kevin became a part of their group. The movie also had some very fun cameo appearances, including Sean Connery as King Agamemnon and John Cleese as Robin Hood, as well as a deliciously wicked turn by David Warner as the living embodiment of Evil. We would love to see the TV series continue that tradition by adding A-list performers for cameos and small roles while focusing on the cast.

By its very nature, the TV incarnation of Time Bandits would have to be fairly open-ended and expand beyond the film’s story. Casting Kevin will be one of the greatest challenges, but perhaps the role could be re-imagined for a young girl in this incarnation. For that matter, who says there has be only one kid on this adventure? There may be room for siblings, if desired.

What do you want to see in the Time Bandits TV series? Let us know in the comment section below!

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