Apple Announces New Streaming Service with Two Different Channels

It’s a day that ends in “y,” so of course, someone else announced another new streaming service! The latest fruit to blossom from the ever-growing market of in-home entertainment comes from Apple. They revealed on Monday what customers can expect from their foray into streaming. They’re not only offering new content, they’re offering the chance to customize which channels you have to pay for.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (whose last name is not “Apple”) announced the company’s new streaming service at a live-streamed press conference at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. As CNBC reports, Apple has two services: Apple TV Channels to watch TV and movies and Apple TV+ for original content.

Apple TV customers can already connect their cable provider with the Apple TV app, but Apple TV Channels will make the process of switching between channels more seamless. It will include the option to add premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Epix on the Apple app. And it features an all new home screen inside the Apple TV app that gives personal recommendations for movies and TV shows based on your viewing habits. Users can download shows and movies, too. All of this in a single, easy to use (in theory) service.

The most exciting news for consumers is that Apple TV Channels will allow users to choose which networks they want, rather than bundling them together and forcing people to pay for ones they don’t watch. This is cable a la carte.

However, the other “channel” announced today, Apple TV+, will be the home of the company’s original content, like Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories. He’s far from the only big name who has signed on to work with the service.

One huge name joining Apple TV+? Oprah.
Apple didn’t say how much the service will cost, but they made it clear you won’t have to have be an exclusive Apple user to access the new channels. The Apple TV app, already available on iPad, iPhon,e and Apple TV (and coming to Macs this spring), will be available on Vizio, Sony, LG, and Samsung smart TVs, and also Roku and Amazon Fire TV in over 100 countries worldwide.

Apple TV Channels launches in May.

Featured Image: Apple

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