Tiny Home Modeled After Apollo 11 Moon Lander

It’s been exactly 51 years since man first set foot on the Moon, when Apollo 11 touched down on the lunar surface. This historic moment stuck in the minds of people all over the world. One kid transfixed by the Apollo missions and wanted to be an astronaut was Kurt Hughes, who later grew up to become a renowned boat builder. Hughes’ dream of becoming an astronaut and going to the Moon didn’t come to fruition, due to imperfect vision. But thanks to Laughing Squid, we’ve learned that he did the next best thing. Hughes actually built a Lunar Lander replica he’s now able to live in.

You can take a video tour of this unique out-of-this-world habitation down below:

Hughes designed this tiny vacation home in the backyard of his Seattle property. As you can see in the video, it looks almost exactly like one of the old NASA Lunar Landers from the ’60s and ’70s. Using his extensive knowledge of boat design, the self-proclaimed “science nerd” built this 250 square foot, fireproof “tiny home” pretty much by himself. The whole thing is built using is made from carbon fiber panels, plywood, and epoxy. It’s currently sitting somewhere on the banks of the Columbia River in Washington.

Soon anyone inspired by his one-of-a-kind home can make one exactly like it for themselves. In fact, Hughes told Fair Companies that he wants to make his original construction plans available to the public for replication. Since the home is actually only a 250-square-foot structure weighing just 3,000 pounds, he feels anyone can make one for themselves with relative ease.  Maybe we’ll see a whole fleet of these Lunar Lander homes pop up all over America. It would certainly be a fitting tribute to one of the greatest feats of human ingenuity ever accomplished.

Featured Image: Kirsten Dirksen

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