If APEX LEGENDS Was Anime, It Would Look Like This

There are two things we know. One: The jaw-dropping cinematics of some of video games’ biggest titles stand on their own as epic, sweeping stories that make you want to jump right into their worlds. Two: Nobody does opening credits like anime. Anime and video game fan Aiden Phan had the idea to combine the two to turn the Apex Legends trailer into an energetic and intensely powerful opening worthy of any anime.

The Apex Legends launch trailer is striking on its own. Set to a hip-hop beat with vibrant backgrounds, explosions, gunfire, and a robot shooting enemies while swinging one-armed through a waterfall (seriously), everything about it is filled with energy. But Aiden turned up the volume even higher with flawless editing and the addition of a lively Japanese rock song.

Set to “Hello Sleepwalkers” by rock band Shin Sekai, Aiden’s fan edit instantly transforms Apex Legends into an anime we want to watch right now. Inspiration for the idea came from listening to his Japanese music playlist while playing the game, he said on Reddit.

In addition to Apex Legends launch trailer, Aiden also added a few scenes from other trailers to craft an edit that feels right at home with all of our favorite anime opening credits. Even the game’s official Twitter account was impressed.

If you’re about to jump into your next cutthroat battle royale, watch Aiden’s epic edit for that burst of energy you need to make it to the number one spot.

Which anime opening credits is the best of all time? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image: EA

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